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The Digital Guruz are a boutique digital marketing agency, founded back in 2018 with the vision of creating a more transparent and results-driven approach to digital marketing. The Guruz are lead by its founder Joshua who travels the world exploring new cultures whilst managing a global team of young ambitious digital marketers. With team members in the UK, USA, Canada, across Asia and Africa, The Digital Guruz is truly a global entity. You can find Joshua spending his time between Europe and The Americas, currently residing in Southern Mexico, enjoying the amazing food, amazing weather and unbelievable culture.

The Digital Guruz work across all niches and all industries. Whether you are selling products, services or are an informational website, we can help you get that visibility your business needs and turn that into traffic and sales.


SEO is one of the most powerful marketing channels a business can master and once we get you ranking on page one of Google, then your website will become the most powerful asset you could own. Check out some of our past and existing clients below and feel free to contact me for more information about the amazing results we achieve for our clients!



Our Work, Our Clients

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An innovative data-driven results-orientated boutique digital marketing agency, The Digital Guruz really only cares about one thing; our clients.


We are dedicated to delivering amazing results for all our clients, and since being founded in 2018 we have yet to have an unhappy client!


Check out some of our testimonials and we are more than happy to provide you further with any references, data, or case studies to give you the confidence that working with us is a great decision! 


Founder & Marketing Consultant

The big boss around here my main role is to dish out all the hard work and sit back with a nice cup of coffee. That being said, with my knowledge of SEO strategy and ability to run successful marketing campaigns, time and again, I guess I am the boss for a reason!


Social Media & Google Ads Expert

Vitaliy is simply a master when it comes to Google Ads & Social Media. He is data-driven and results orientated which means he helps make our clients very happy! His knowledge blows my mind, which to be fair, isn't that hard!


HR & Accounts Manager

Tara is key at keeping the Digital Guruz organized and financially optimized. Without Tara, all hope would be lost, and the accounts a total mess. One of Tara's best skills is chasing up naughty clients on late payments. Be warned!


Head Content Writer

Felix is a man of many talents, and as our international content writer, his work is sensational. I can always rely on Felix to truly understand the client's content needs and his articles not only rank well but are a pleasure to read. 



Solutions Architect [Consultant]

Michael offers The Digital Guruz top quality consultancy on all our technical questions and queries. He is a technical wizard and a master of his craft. Clearly he is the cool guy around here, you may even find him in a suit from time to time, but not today!


Senior Business Development Manager

Theresa has a unique and special approach with all of our clients and business associates. She represents The Digital Guruz and what we stand for perfectly and helps take our business from strength to strength. She is fantastic colleague and, a business development wizard!


SEO Expert & Technical Lead

Alberto is a genius when it comes to anything technical. With a sharp mind and an eye for detail, any project is in good hands when Alberto is in charge. Data-driven and results orientated, he is a true guru, and knows exactly how to please the Google gods! Top Class!


SEO Director

With over 7 years of experience in marketing & SEO, Dmytro is not only very knowledgable but very wise. SEO is his bread and butter and no matter what issues and challenges we face, Dmytro is always there tackling them head-on, delivering world class SEO projects and helping our clients smash their revenue goals!



63k Google searches per second

84% of people use Google more than 3 times a day

46% of product searches start on Google.

Google's Ad revenue for 2019; $134.81 billion


With team members based globally across Asia, Africa, Europe and The Americas, The Digital Guruz are a truly global entity, a family and a very friendly tribe, so reach out for a chat!

We can't wait to hear from you!

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