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3 Things You Can Do In The Next 30 Days To Boost Sales Of Your E-Commerce Store

You may have a long-term marketing goal in place for your e-commerce store with a view to boost your sales over time, but there are ways to increase your prospects within a much shorter time frame.

In just 30 days you can implement these 3 methods to get your site bringing in more sales – but make sure to use a mix of the 3 and do them well!

1. Paid Adverts

Paying for traffic to your store is undoubtedly one of the quickest ways to increase your sales.

Common thought suggests that paid adverts are a waste of money with people seeing very little return. The trick is understanding how to create a winning campaign using different methods on different platforms with smaller amounts of money.

The idea is to test what works for you before dumping all your money into one method.

Paid traffic can be harnessed from any of the top social media sites and it is worth trialing each of them, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Social media ads should be eye-catching with exciting offers displayed clearly for potential clients.

There are many types of Facebook ads that work for different businesses and for e-commerce sites it is important to show clear bold images of your products with an obvious call to action – like ‘try a free sample’.

Another ad platform worth experimenting with is Google ads. If you have products that you are selling with a high search volume it is definitely worth your time.

Getting an ad up and running takes very little time and keeping track of the results over 30 days will help you to find the best ad platform for you.

2. Email Marketing

With over 3 billion people actively using email, it would be crazy to avoid including automated email campaigns into your strategy.

Setting up an automated email campaign is easy with a platform like Klaviyo as it takes data straight from your e-commerce store and then assists in creating email campaigns.

Automated emails are so important when you have customers dropping off your site as ’81.4% of online shopping carts are abandoned’.

With such a high number of drop-offs, abandoned carts automated emails will help remind those customers who have decided to think more before buying, and have simply forgotten to come back, to make that purchase.

Klaviyo assists you in setting up autoresponders with customizable waiting times and messages.

With such a great tool, the time you’ll spend doing these campaigns will be minimal. Giving someone a gentle nudge over email will certainly get those sales boosting!

3. Hiring the Best People

Spending your time doing jobs that you struggle with or simply do not have time for can have negative effects on your sales.

Delegating can also be a challenge. Not only do you have to give away power, but that power could be placed in the wrong hands.

Hiring the right person for the job is therefore super important.

In the next 30 days, find yourself a superstar team. Give yourself the time to focus on what you do best and get them to implement the above strategies.

You’ll see your sales go through the roof. Jake Kassan says it was vital to his success!

Marketing Results

Seeing quick results will motivate you for those longer sales goals but make sure to test what works best. Be wise and invest small amounts in a few things.

Once you start proving your business worth after 30 days of incredible sales-boosting work, you should begin to formulate your long-term goals.

Book in for a chat with our founder Joshua here, to learn more about how to boost online sales for your business!

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