How We Grow Businesses online: SEO Strategies That Work

The Digital Guruz have been helping businesses across all niches build and grow their brands online since 2018. We know that if you have a presence online you are there to make money and through our knowledge, experience and dedicated team of digital marketers we know exactly how to take your business from where it is now to some place great!


To date we have worked with luxury Swiss watch designers, swimwear brands, organic food companies, cosmetics industry leaders, dentists, mattress manufacturers, beanie hat companies, and actually, any niche or industry you can think of, we work in! The truth of it is, SEO principles and techniques can be applied to any niche or industry, and here at the Digital Guruz we built tailor made strategies for all of our clients to ensure that we deliver amazing results, everytime.


This guide will take you through the main steps we follow to ensure that we get our clients maximum visibility online, higher search engine rankings, more traffic and most importantly more conversions and higher revenues!

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Ranking Analysis

eAs part of the keyword research process we will first analyze your current visibility on Google and understand what you rank for and how people are currently finding you. Through this analysis, we will then incorporate some of these keywords into our master keyword target list and ignore the ones that are of no value. At the end of the day what we are looking to do is target those keywords that CONVERT. We need to understand the user intent behind each keyword and by doing so we can better understand how far down the buyer journey that Google user is. Once we know this, we can better target the keywords that we know will convert. And we all know what conversions mean, more sales!

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Technical Audit

If the foundations of your house are flawed then you are not going to start building a second floor right? Well, we would hope not!

Your website needs to be technically sound, fully responsive and send out the right signals to Google so that it can be properly indexed and ranked. Google only likes websites that work well and that users want to engage with, otherwise, it's quite simple, they won't index you! If Google don't index you, your business will never be found! 

We run full technical audits for our clients on an ongoing basis to ensure that all the cogs in the machine are well oiled and in unison.


By doing so we keep Google happy and a happy Google will rank you well, trust us!


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Content Analysis

The internet is just one giant network of billions of pieces of content. And your site makes up part of that network. Google's job is to process all of that content, make sense of it and index it so that people can find what they are looking for! 

Your content needs to be engaging, fresh, unique and SEO optimized. If you get this tricky mix just right you are going to rank well! For a piece of content to rank well it needs. to be properly structured, the right length and incorporate the keywords you are trying to target. You must also consider originality, readability, tone and freshness.


Regular content published to your site is crucial, and in the SEO world Content is King!


Keyword Research

The first step to any SEO project is to define, what exactly is it that you want to be found for online?


Try put yourself in the shoes of your target customer and ask yourself, what are they typing into the Google search bar when they are looking for what you are selling?


Well, once we define what your target market are searching for then we can really get the SEO ball rolling. We base our keyword research on data derived from industry-leading tools such as SemRush, Moz and Keyword Planner. By analyzing historical and live data, we can build up a holistic picture of what your target market is searching for on a daily basis, and once we know that, well the next step is to target those keywords!  

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Competitor Analysis

eHow are your competition outranking you? What are they ranking for? What strategies are they adopting? How much are they spending!?  We take a deep dive into all these big questions to ensure that once we start working with our clients we soon get them outranking their competition.


After all, there is a big market out there and thousands of people searching and looking to buy, what you sell, every day. Why let your competition scoop up all that daily business? Competitor analysis makes up a key part of the building of not only our initial strategy but an ongoing part of any successful SEO project.

Remember the old adage, keep your friends close but your enemies closer? Well by knowing your competition, we keep them close enough to outrank them every time, and we know you like the idea of that!

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Backlink Analysis

Backlinks are an essential part of a solid SEO strategy. Anytime another website links to your site, it's called a backlink. The more you have and the better quality they are the better you rank!

The idea is to build up a network of backlinks to your site which allows Google to build up a holistic picture of where your website fits into the greater scheme of the web and how much trust and authority your site must be given. 

Through a proper backlink audit and analysis, we can design a strategy to build your backlink profile so that we can improve the quality score of your website and improve your domain authority, influence rankings, traffic, and of course, sales!


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So What Do We Actually Do?

So once we have done all of the initial data analysis, research and investigation, our goal then is to get your site ranking on page 1 of Google, drive as much traffic as we can to your site and turn that traffic into sales and revenue!


If you choose to work with The digital Guruz on your SEO project we take care of absolutely everything. From keyword research to competitor analysis, from technical optimization to backlink building and from weekly content writing to full reporting and account management. 


Check out our most popular packages here and book in a call with one of our friendly sales guruz to learn more, and take your business to the next level!